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Biometric Readers


Securifix supply and install professional biometric readers for businesses, offices and commercial properties in London, Surrey, Berkshire and Hampshire.

Biometric Access Control Services for London, Berkshire and Hampshire

Securely Control Access To Your Building’s Rooms And Entrances With Advanced Biometric Readers.

The future of high-tech security is already here, with advanced biometric fingerprint and retina readers (scanners). The Installation of a Securifix biometric system is straightforward and can dramatically improve the security of your premises.

Biometric data is unique and this is what makes biometric security systems so much more secure than ordinary security systems. If your business, school or organisation uses or stores classified / highly sensitive information, products or manufacturing then biometric security is the way forward.

Securifix Biometric Security Proximity Readers

Are Biometric Systems Easy To Use?

Once the initial installation of your security system is complete, the biometric data can then be collected for each person. Once access is set, it’s a simple case of a quick scan of an eye or fingerprint and access to a room or building will either be granted or denied by the system or device.

How Expensive Is A Biometric Security System?

As biometric systems are more technologically sophisticated than other access control systems they are more expensive. However, in recent years the pricing has reduced due to the increase in overall usage and reduction in manufacturing costs.

Biometric security is now so affordable that they are in use in everyday items such as mobile phones. The final cost will depend on the entire specification of the system and how advanced the required components are.

As with all security system costs, it is important to factor in the value of what they will be protecting. After all, you wouldn’t secure a £1,000,000 supercar with a £10 padlock.

Are Biometric Readers More Secure Than Identity Tag Readers?

In short, yes. As biometric data is unique, only the individual will have access, rather than “anybody” with a set identity tag.

Also, identity tags / fobs are externally exposed and therefore theoretically could be wiped via a strong magnet. This wouldn’t grant someone access, but it would prevent access by damaging the tag / fob causing a nuisance.

What’s more, fingerprints are with us for life and biometric readers mitigate the chance of a lost, stolen or shared tag / fob.

Where Are Biometric Systems Used?

Biometric security systems are highly secure and can be used in a wide variety of scenarios and locations. Below are the top five commercial and government uses for electronic biometric systems, but there are many others beyond these.

• Entire Building Access – Including Parking Structures
• Internal Rooms – Staff Rooms, Store Rooms, etc
• Classified Data Areas – Government, Military, Manufacturing, Services, etc
• IT Facilities – Server Rooms, Surveillance Rooms, etc
• Restricted Manufacturing Areas – Robotics, Aviation, Military, etc

Types Of Biometric Security Systems

There are three main types of biometric security systems, although these can be combined in one complete security system.

1. Biometric Fingerprint Reader / Scanner where the device or system scans the persons fingerprint for access validation.
2. Retina / Iris Reader / Scanner where the device or system scans the persons eye for access validation.
3. Facial Recognition Reader / Scanner where the device or system scans the persons facial points for access validation.

Advantages of Choosing Biometric Security

a. You can’t see what code has been entered
b. No wear or tear on number keys to work out code
c. No need to carry around fobs
d. Removes risk of lost fobs
e. Utilises the very latest in technology
f. Is more discrete that standard keypads

Insurance Approved Fitting Service

At Securifix, we’re pleased to offer a fully insurance approved fitting service for all our electronic security systems. Our team are ready to install your biometric security system quickly, efficiently and hassle-free.

We primarily service London, Surrey, Berkshire and Hampshire and surrounding areas and are happy to answer any security systems questions you may have. Contact the Securifix team to talk us about protecting your premises on 0800 840 5501.


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