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Business Access Control


In the modern world it is vital for companies to know who is entering and exiting their premises at all times. It’s the only way to ensure the security and safety of the business and it’s employees. Business access control systems do just that!

Business Access Control Services for London, Berkshire and Hampshire

What Is The Best Access Control System?

Over the years, proximity readers have become the most popular choice of access control system for business use. They control the doors with an electronic lock and are opened with the simple touch of a registered swipe card. All access is monitored and logged. They are a very cost effective and secure solution and the best access control system choice for most businesses.

More advanced systems are available, including military style biometric access control systems. However, any form of access control is crucial in protecting you, your staff and your building from unwanted visitors.

Business Access Control Systems from Securifix

Access Control Key Features

Some of the key access control features frequently used by our customers are:

• Auditing the time keeping and punctuality of staff members
• In case of emergency or fire drill, you have a critical up-to-date register
• Add zone restrictions – the perfect solution to provide private areas for classified information, departments and projects
• Creating personalised ID cards with in-house printing and management software
• Streamlining the hiring and departure process of employees
• Vandal resistant options

Versatile Security That Works With You And Your Business

With our free, no obligation security survey we customise your access control system to flawlessly ensure every aspect of your office’s security is covered. Our professional security surveyors create versatile systems that protect offices, warehouses, industrial sites, factories, hospitals, schools, care homes and much more.

Access Control Services for Commercial Businesses and Offices

Why Choose Securifix?

Securifix are renowned experts in the security protection of businesses and commercial properties. Our bespoke security systems are tailor-made to your exact business requirements and can offer fantastic increased security features.

Our systems are both robust and reliable, allowing you too spend more time developing your business and less time worrying about its security. With a practical monitoring solution in place, it will ensure efficient work from your employees and most importantly, their safety.

We install commercial across control systems across London, Surrey, Berkshire and Hampshire. Our team are always happy to help answer any questions you may have. Call us today on 0800 840 5501 to see how we can help secure your business.


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