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Proximity Readers

Proximity Readers

Securifix supply and professionally install commercial grade proximity readers for businesses and offices in London, Surrey, Berkshire and Hampshire.

Improve your buildings security with user-friendly access controlling proximity readers

Over the years, proximity readers have become the most popular security device for access control in offices and commercial buildings. Why? They are affordable, highly secure and just so simple for everyone to use.

They have become a crucial part in the securing of all modern systems. Protecting you, your staff and your building from unwanted visitors. With the ability to monitor all people entering and leaving your building, this incredibly useful feature means:

  • You can see who is in the building at any time
  • Monitoring time keeping and punctuality is a breeze
  • Accurate and up-to-date register (In case of emergency or fire drill)
  • Control and up date individual access as needed

Securifix Proximity Readers

How do they work?

The proximity reader works with the electric lock in the door. For the lock to be released, the card (or token) must be presented (within a proximity) to the reader.

The reader shows a green light and releases the door if the card has been programmed to permit access. Similarly, the reader shows a red light if the card has not been granted access to the area and the door remains locked.

The cards and tokens also help to set boundaries and you can set up “restricted” zones, in the most discreet way. While programming, you can simply remove access to certain areas or allow access to the whole building.

These proximity readers are highly versatile and help add that extra level of security within your business. Additionally, card printers can be used to customize your proximity cards with logos and ID pictures. The choice, and control, is yours.

What else does a proximity reader offer in terms of security and peace of mind?

There is no longer any need to panic if someone losses a key or you have a disgruntled or concerning employee. With proximity readers you are in complete control of your buildings access through a central system.

Therefore, an electronic proximity reader eliminates the need to change locks when employees or persons leave or lose their fob/card. You can simply remove their ID from the database and access is terminated.

The security system will immediately recognize the changes made and the potential threat is gone, there and then – instantly securing your premises!

Proximity Reader Key Points:

  • Most popular form of access control
  • Incredibly easy to use
  • Enhances the security of premise and restricted areas
  • Cannot be picked, unlike a lock
  • Protects employees and sensitive information
  • Provides varying levels of access for multiple users
  • Eliminates any “lost key” issues
  • Managed in house, therefore saving time and money

Insurance Approved Fitting Service

At Securifix, we’re proud to offer a fully insurance approved fitting service for all our security systems. Our team are ready to install your proximity reader access control system quickly, efficiently and hassle-free. Leaving you to relax in the knowledge that your premises will be secure in no time.

We primarily service London, Surrey, Berkshire and Hampshire and are happy to discuss any security systems requirements you may have. Please contact the Securifix team with any questions about protecting your property on 0800 840 5501


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