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Business CCTV Monitoring

Business CCTV Monitoring

With a Securifix monitored CCTV system, we provide your business with 24/7 remote security surveillance. Our expert security team will keep an eye on your business, so that you don’t have too.

Business CCTV Monitoring Services

Monitored CCTV Gives Your Company Peace of Mind

A specialist commercial-grade business CCTV monitoring system will give your company immediate peace of mind, as it removes the hassle and the additional costs of hiring extra onsite security guards.

Our commercial CCTV services provide a constant presence onsite with options of audio warnings, police and keyholder response. This therefore completely relieviates the worry and hassle involved in securing and protecting your business premises.

Business CCTV Installers in Hampshire

You’re In Safe Hands With A Securifix Business CCTV Monitoring System

We provide three levels of CCTV surveillance designed to suit every budget and security threat. We will provide a complete onsite survey of your business premises, after which our security expert will discuss any vulnerable areas. Depending on your budget, you could just protect those areas or invest in a full system to secure the entire property with complete 360 CCTV coverage.

The most popular business security camera systems consist of out outside cameras positioned to capture entrances, loading bay areas, roof access and emergency exits. Inside cameras often cover cash-rooms, warehouses, fire exits, reception desks and checkouts.

Commercial CCTV Options – The Big Three!

1. Motion Detection

This is a perfect solution for businesses that experience loiters or suspicious behaviour around their premises.
A perimeter is set around the business. Any detection that comes into that perimeter will immediately notify the CCTV monitoring station. The monitoring station instantly acts and investigates the area with 360 surveillance.

You, and your keyholders, will be notified immediately of any suspicious behaviour or trespassers. The criminals can also be notified with audio warnings to inform them that they are being watched, recorded and reported to the local authorities.

2. Alarm Activation

Link your CCTV surveillance to your Securifix business alarm system. That way, when the alarm is triggered, the monitoring station is automatically launched into surveying your property. The monitoring station will immediately investigate and then notify you, the keyholders and the local authorities.

3. Remote viewing

Always keep in the loop with remote viewing via the CCTV App. You have the ability to play live footage and also play back from wherever you are in the world.

We recommend teaming this with Sentry Monitoring to ensure you are always connected and prepared. Sentry Monitoring runs daily risk and health reports on the NVR (Network Video Recorder) to ensure a fast and secure connection so you’ll never miss a pixel.


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