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CCTV HD IP Network Video Recorders

CCTV HD IP Network Video Recorders

Securely capture vast amounts of CCTV footage on a HD IP Network Video Recorder from London’s security professionals: Securifix.

CCTV HD IP Network Video Recorders

CCTV HD IP Network Video Recorders (Back)

Securifix offer a range of high quality network video recorders (NVR’s), which allow from 1 to 64 cctv cameras to be connected to a single unit. They will record and play back in High Definition, giving you truly impressive image quality.

Call us today on 0800 840 5501 and let us advise you on the best CCTV HD IP Network Video Recorder for your CCTV application. We can help with both domestic and commercial CCTV setups.

CCTV HD IP Video Recorder Features

With our CCTV HD IP network video recorders you can view your captured video anywhere in the world. The system can even be motion activated; set areas of concern and be alerted when movement is detected. With its built in Alarm inputs you can connect pins to detect perimeters and with the multi-split screen feature you can enable cameras to be viewed at the same time on split screen.

  • Remote Viewing
  • Mac Compatible
  • USB Downloading of Video evidence
  • Quick Search Facility
  • 1-8TB Storage
  • 1-64 Camera Inputs
  • 1-31 Days Recording
  • View images on your mobile or iPad
  • Motion Detection
  • Alarm Inputs
  • Multi-Split screen


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