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HD Monitors

CCTV HD Monitors

High definition CCTV security monitors from Securifix allow you to play back your CCTV footage in HD quality.

Complete your closed circuit television (CCTV) package and improve your security vision with a High definition Monitor

Our monitors have a built in composite input specially designed for CCTV. As a result, these monitors provide clear, defined images to ensure your footage captures the most vivid of details.

What is HD?

HD stands for High Definition. You may recognise this phrase as most television retailers advertise and rave about HDTV’s – but why? This is because ‘HD’ provides a clear, sharp picture which is far greater than the original lower-definition displays.

In other words, High definition (HD) is a video quality that is above standard-definition video quality.

What is a HD Monitor?

A HD Monitor works similarly to a HDTV, as it provides a sharper and clearer image. “Standard” monitors provide lower-definition because they have less pixels per square inch. This is what causes distinct images and features, that could be crucial to your footage, to turn in to generic shapes and look distorted.  HD monitors remove that possibility and provide much more reliable footage.

That’s why the monitors we provide have been designed to:

  • Provide 24/7 on-the-go coverage
  • Last with extended warranty
  • Work with all our cameras
  • With LED screens
  • Desk or wall mounted
  • Offer a range of sizes, from 10″ to 48″
    • Larger monitors available upon request

Why would I need a HD Monitor?

Two main reasons we will recommend a HD monitor:

  1. There may not have enough HDMI ports at the back of your television

To connect your CCTV to the TV, you will need a spare HDMI port. If you do not have one, you may want to consider a HD monitor instead of unplugging entertainment devices (DVD players, gaming consoles, Virgin/Sky boxes, etc)

  1. You may want your NVR to be in a different room

As a company, we highly recommend you yo keep your NVR out of sight and in a discreet location. Why? If your NVR is stolen, you will lose all your footage as it is all stored in the NVR. Having it on display in an open TV stand runs the risk of theft, especially as televisions are a commonly stolen procession.

CCTV HD Monitors

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