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Home CCTV Installation

Professional Home CCTV Installation

Having a professionally fitted home CCTV installation is essential in providing your family and property with the maximum level of security. It’s proven to be a huge deterrent to thieves over low-resolution DIY systems.

Home CCTV Installation from Securifix - Local CCTV Installers

Be Seen, Be Secure, Be CCTV Smart

There has been a dramatic increase in crime in recent years, with criminals targeting London, Surrey, Hampshire and surrounding home counties.

CCTV alone has been voted the most effective visual deterrent for homes and businesses by ex-burglars. So much so that it has become strongly encouraged by the metropolitan police.

That’s why installing a Securifix CCTV security system is so beneficial; protecting your home before the damage is done. Moreover, should you suffer a break-in the footage will help the police prosecute the thieves involved.

Home CCTV Installers in Hampshire

What Can a Securifix Home CCTV Installation Do For You?

– Immediately reduce the risk of beak in – In a recent study, a panel of ex-criminals advised that they would deter from breaking into homes with a professional CCTV system fitted.
– Helping the community – Burglary isn’t the only crime that often goes undetected. Securing your home with CCTV allows you to monitor the activities happening right outside your door. Vandalism is often captured.
– Save money – The installation of CCTV to your home can significantly reduce home insurance renewals.

Your Eye In The Sky With Continuous 360 Coverage

Securifix provides a comprehensive range of high-definition CCTV systems to provide your home (or business) with ultimate coverage. Every angle of your property can be covered with continuous or motion activated footage. There is virtually no limit to how many hours of footage you can record, the CCTV system can be designed as big or small as you require.

We work solely with trusted, leading manufacturers to provide our customers with the best security products and the best user experiences. Our professional CCTV installers can install our systems quickly and with minimal disruption, all to the NSI Gold standard.

FREE Home CCTV Survey

During your free home survey, our security expert will walk you through any areas of your property that would benefit from CCTV. Or offer advice and options on how to secure the entire property with complete 360 CCTV coverage.

The most popular home security camera systems consist of out outside cameras positioned to capture driveways, garages, front gardens and rear gardens. But, they can include the inside of your property too.

Monitor With The CCTV App

The best thing about modern technology is that you can now access all your security footage at any time on your mobile. Our security camera systems are provided with the CCTV camera app, they are incredibly intelligent and include features to keep you alert and in control.

Home CCTV App from Securifix

– Trigger lines – software is set up to alert you when anyone crosses a digital trigger line. So if anyone is coming too close to your property, you will be alerted via a notification to your phone.

– Night vision – 70% of all crimes happen under the cover of darkness. With conventional CCTV cameras vital details are missed such as facial features, clothing, height. We provide a range of home cameras that specialise in Night vision, to remove any chinks in your security’s armour.

– App access – be the first to know if danger is near with remote access via your smart phone or laptop.


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