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Intercoms For The Elderly

Door Entry Intercoms for the Elderly

Professional, easy to use audio and video intercoms for the elderly provide your loved ones with additional safety and security when living independently.

Door Entry Systems and Intercom for the Elderly - London, Surrey, Berkshire and Hampshire

Stay Safe & Visually Verify

Over the years, providing loved ones with the option and freedom of independent living has become more and more popular. Modern intercoms are a vital step in providing everyday aid to the elderly, disabled and vulnerable.

The most popular door entry systems for independent living are our video intercoms. These are essential when visual verification of visitors is required. They allow you to visibly see and communicate with whoever is at the door.

Handsets are simple and user friendly. With their sleek design, buttons are kept to a minimum to reduce unnecessary confusion and maintain a clean and accessible aesthetic.

Intercom App For Elderly

Peace Of Mind For You & Your Family

For those practicing social distancing due to COVID-19 (or anything else we may face in the future), you can have lovely conversations with visitors leaving gifts or those just checking in on your wellbeing without ever opening the door.

In addition, video intercoms provide multiple benefits, personalised features and confidence to those living on their own. If there’s an unsolicited sales person, someone you don’t know (or even someone you don’t like) – you can see them, but they cannot see you through the intercom.

There’s no more trekking to the front door for unsolicited calls or unknown visitors. With video door entry systems you are kept safe and secure, as well as providing your family and friends with peace of mind.

More Control at your Fingertips

Intercom systems are installed with a lock release. This means if our customers wish for their visitor to enter, they simply need to push the button on the handset, keeping you in full control.

Fob Readers are also available that provide easy and convenient access to friends, family, carers and support workers. Whoever you choose to give a fob to, they simply hold the Fob to the call unit and the door opens. That means there is no need to remember codes and with the recent pandemic, this reduces the spread of germs by touching surfaces.

Door Entry Intercom App for the Elderly - Mobile and Wall Unit

Tailored Intercom Systems To Suit You

Our intercom systems are completely personalised to suit the needs and lifestyle of our customers:

• Multiple handsets can be installed, across various rooms to ensure easy access
• Handsets are fixed to the wall and are not battery operated. An ideal solution to eliminate misplaced handsets or dreaded dead batteries
• The outside call panels comes in a variety of finishes to blend in with the property’s surrounding, or be bold and stand out – the choice is yours
• Outside call panels can also customized with engravings for that lovely finishing touch
• Various options for volume levels and ringtones are available and can be easily changed to your preference

Door Entry Intercom Help & Advice

If you are interested in having an intercom system installed in your home or on behalf of an elderly, disabled and vulnerable person please get in touch.

Our team are here and happy to help find the right system for you, to find out more call us on 0800 840 5501 or complete our quick quote form and someone will get back to you as soon as possible.


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