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Business Alarm Installation

Insurance Approved Business Alarm Installation

Securifix are NSI Gold approved and can professionally complete your business alarm installation swiftly. We install secure insurance approved security systems to offices, retail units, warehouses, construction sites and many other commercial properties.

Insurance Approved Business Alarm Installation in London, Surrey, Berkshire and Hampshire

Protecting Your Business Is Our Business!

When it comes to protecting your company and employees, you need a security team you can trust. Securifix have over 30 years experience in successfully protecting commercial premises and industrial properties.

It’s important that your team know how to use any new security system and we provide dedicated training to yourself and staff on the features of the alarm system. This, along with providing demonstrations and practice runs to build confidence in using your new security system.

Securifix Home Burglar Alarm Installer Wearing PPE Protection

Easy Security With No Disruptions

We fully recognise that your security installation needs to be flexible, working around your business and not interrupting it. That’s why our commercial alarm installations are swift and efficient, minimising disruption to the working day.

Our alarms are completely customised around the needs and requirements of your business. They are secure, reliable and protect your business against the threat of theft and intrusion.

Home Burglar Alarm Maintenance for Securifix Home Alarm Systems

Flexible and User Friendly Intruder Alarms

We understand that business owners need flexibility with their security system and also a system that is very user-friendly. Our business alarms have been designed with this in mind and provide your business with a highly efficient security solution.

Our alarm systems are all compatible with proximity tags that arm and disarm the alarm by simply holding the tag to the keypad. This simple, but incredibly effective method of setting and un-setting the alarm reduces disruptions to your business. Nobody needs to know or share the alarm code, which also removes the possibility for anyone to incorrectly enter the code or forget what it is.

See Into Your Business With The Alarm Smart App

Our systems also utilise the latest technology advancements in the security field, providing remote access via an app on your smart phone and/or tablet is one example. Even when you’re away from work, you have the crucial function to visibly see into your company’s security.

The app notifies you immediately of any alarm activation and you can easily view the history log of when the alarm has been set/unset. You can also receive weekly diagnostic reports on the health of your burglar alarm system, giving you peace of mind.

Business Alarm Smart App

There’s No Need To Break The Bank Protecting Your Assets

Installing a security system is critical for any business. But, if you own a small business, one where you’ve spent so much time and passion developing it, then it can be particularly heart breaking when you suffer a break in. Don’t let it fall victim to crime, start by protecting your business today.

Our alarm systems are affordable and provide a visible deterrent to any opportunity-seeking criminal. A professional burglar alarm shows that you are serious about your company’s security to both criminals and insurance providers.

All Securifix alarms are professionally installed to NSI Gold standards. This reduces your insurance premiums as you are protected to the best security standards.

We’re Here To Help

At Securifix, we primarily service London, Surrey, Berkshire and Hampshire and are well known locally as the security experts. We remove all the hassle and solve your company’s security problems, no matter how complex.

If you do have any questions regarding your businesses insurance requirements and what intruder alarm you need. Or what the best alarm system is for your purposes. Then please give us a call on 01252 350 940 or fill in our Quick Quote form.


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