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Home Alarm Maintenance

Home Alarm Maintenance & Servicing

Our routine burglar alarm maintenance services are specifically designed to ensure all components and devices are fully operational. This ensures you will never be left vulnerable in an emergency with a faulty or out-dated security system.

Are You Sure Your Home Burglar Alarm Working?

Your burglar alarm system will only protect your home and family if it is in good working order, that means being regularly updated, patched and maintained.

Like any electronic device, as simple and user friendly as they may seem, behind the scenes they are extremely complex systems. The smarter and more secure the alarm, the more vital servicing is in order to prevent faults or exposure to intruder hacking.

Home Burglar Alarm Maintenance for Securifix Home Alarm Systems

Prevention Is Better Than Cure

The hard truth is that being burgled is a devastating feeling for anyone, but especially for young family members. It’s a feeling that is far better being prevented than trying to be cured after the situation has happened.

Finding faults and other issues are often easily fixed when found early. During your alarm service, our specialist alarm engineer will actively search and test for potential faults. They will update and patch firmware and ensure your security system is fully operational.

A regularly maintained alarm removes any disruption from your life caused by faults. We all know that dreaded inconvenience trying to get to work, or leave on that wonderful holiday only to find that your un-serviced alarm simply will not set.

Home Burglar Alarm Repair in Hampshire

Burglar Alarm Maintenance With No Hidden Surprises

At Securifix, we keep things simple, transparent and most importantly, fair. In fact, we’re so confident in the security services we provide that we do not impose any long-term contracts to our customers. All our contracts are one year rolling only. That’s it!

Also, after your first year you can cancel your service at ANY TIME with just 30 days written notice. We will not tie you down.

First Class Customer Service

Securifix spares no expense in the training and development of all our staff. Our alarm engineers are some of the best in the industry and actively provide support and training to all our in-house team. We raise the bar for customer service across the industry.

Our team of security experts are ready and awaiting your call for any queries or questions you may have. We are happy to provide you with the help, knowledge and any reassurance you may need.

We’re Ready When You Need Us.

We deliver a fast, reliable service time and time again. Our engineers are local to you and if you ever need us, we provide a call out service that guarantees one of our alarm engineers out to you within just four hours. We will be there for you in your hour of need!


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