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Wired Alarm Systems

Wired Alarm Systems

Securifix supply and professionally install robust wired alarm systems for homes and businesses in London, Surrey, Berkshire and Hampshire.

Wired Alarm Systems

Insurance Approved Wired Burglar Alarms

Securifix are NSI Gold Approved and supply and install insurance approved wired burglar alarms for both home and commercial customers. A prominent burglar alarm is one of the best deterrents for thieves, but if you are worried about installation mess then wireless alarms could be another option for you.

Our wired systems are available in the following security levels, Grade 2, 3 and 4. Various add-on devices are available for our burglar alarm systems, including: Dual Technology PIR’s, Anti Masking PIR’s, Magnetic Contacts, Vibration Sensors, Smoke detectors and Panic buttons, etc.

Securifix Home Burglar Alarm Installer Wearing PPE Protection

The Pro’s & Con’s Of Wired Alarms


No need for batteries in devices, so no on-going cost.
Alarm has a constant power source (wired systems also have a backup battery).
Equipment is cheaper than Wireless (less complex technology).
Maintenance agreement not required.


Damaged cables by builders, house alterations or rodents will incur labour costs.
Higher initial labour costs, as it takes longer to install.
Redecoration is often required if you wish to add additional wired devices later on.

Are Wired Burglar Alarms More Secure Than Wireless Versions?

It’s a common misconception that wired alarms are more secure than there wireless counterparts. However, these days both types of alarm system are just as secure as one another. It really comes down to your personal preference of installation method, costs and any ongoing maintenance.

Wired Alarm Systems Are Popular For New Builds & Property Developers

Wired alarm systems are typically cheaper than wireless and the preparation for installing the alarm can be done during the properties construction. Builders can chase in all the wiring and the PIR’s and other devices can be added after the decorators have finished. This makes a wired alarm the all-round better choice for new builds and building developers.

Alarm System Takeovers & Replacements?

The takeover or replacement of an alarm system is common. With a wired alarm it is often cheaper as we can utalise the existing wiring. It’s simply a case of upgrading the alarm panel, keypad and bell box (providing there is no wiring damage). This is much more affordable and convenient than a customer having to upgrade their entire wireless system.

Alarm Grades & Grade You Require?

Complete alarm system installations are graded from 1-4 and are dependent on the level of security protection required. During your scheduled security survey, our surveyor will undertake a risk assessment to advise the appropriate grading of the alarm required.

Alternatively, insurance companies can dictate what Grade level alarm system you need. This is usually dependent on the value of the contents (and location). We can then spec the system accordingly.

All Securifix Alarm systems start at security level Grade 2 as a minimum. We then add components to increase the security level to Grade 3 and so on.

Commercial or business alarms require a minimum of Grade 2. We do not provide any Grade 1 alarm systems as these are on par with DIY systems and are generally inadequate for the majority of cases. Grade 1 systems are also not accepted by insurance companies.

Wired Alarm Key Features

Our wired systems include the following features:
• Grade 2 Security Level Minimum
• Graded Systems to Comply with Insurance Requirements
• Fully Expanded from 1 to 640 Zones
• Partial Set Mode (for setting the home family system at night time)
• Set/Unset Alarm by Code or Proximity Token
• Remote Access Via Smart Alarm App
• Various Keypad Designs & Finishes
• Mains Powered Detection Devices (Zero Batteries to Change)
• NSI Gold Approved Installation

Insurance Approved Fitting Service

At Securifix, we’re proud to offer a fully insurance approved fitting service for all our wired alarm systems. Our team are ready to install your burglar system quickly, efficiently and hassle-free. Leaving you to relax in the knowledge that your property will be fully secure in no time.

We primarily service London, Surrey, Berkshire and Hampshire and are happy to discuss any alarm systems requirements you may have. Please contact the Securifix team with any questions about protecting your property on 0800 840 5501.


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