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Securifix FAQ’s Section.

Closed Circuit Television

Why do I need CCTV?
CCTV can provide evidence for a crime, act as a deterrent, link to relays to control barriers with vehicle recognition systems.

What can a Camera see?
This depends on the type of camera you have and the type of lens on the camera. You need to decide the purpose of the camera and we can tailor the system to you. They will not see like the human eye and need to be focused on an area.

Do I need to change tapes every day?
No, we use digital recording devices which record onto hard disk drives.

Physical Security

My insurance company has said I could get a cheaper premium if I have further security procedures in my home, I already have an alarm. Can you help?
Yes, we can. We can provide all types of security for doors and windows, including UVPC and multipoint locks all too insurance standards.

What is the best way of preventing entry?
For the highest security we can provide custom made internal retractable / collapsible gates, fixed internal or external grilles, Bar gates and manual or remote electric roller shutters in all designs.

I have an old safe but have lost the key. What can I do?
No problem. We have experienced staff who can open all types of safes.

How can i protect my personal belongings and documents against burglary or fire?
Securifix supply a wide range of Security and Fire safes. For more information please go to the safe section.

Why do I need good quality locks?
Most intruders will take the easier option of illegally entering your premises. Lower quality lock can be opened relatively quickly, with little to no use of tools. Whereas a good quality lock is a visual deterrant and would be extremely difficult to overcome.

Security Systems

Why do I need a survey ?
Every property and system requirement is different; our Consultants need to carry out a Risk Assessment to ensure the systems we install are fit for purpose.

Am I covered with my Insurance?
Only if you have five lever or six pin cylinder mortice deadlocks on all external doors, lockable bolts are required for a double door application. Key operated window locks on all ground floor, basement and any accessible windows on the upper floors. for any further advice please contact our office to arrange and security survey.

Can you provide a complete security installation service for our commercial premises?
Absolutely. We manufacture our own shutters, gates and grilles and install burglar alarms, CCTV, access systems. We also supply high quality safes (value – insurance approved), locks with a restricted key system, if required, heavy duty padlocks and cut all types of keys.

We are looking for a local company to attend to any security requirements our clients may have. What do you provide?
We already service many management agencies in the area e.g. Winkworths, Savills, Featherstone Leigh, Nightingale Chancellors to name but a few, so we understand the problems for emergency repairs and changing locks, replacing lost keys, attending lock-outs and gaining entry when bailiffs have been instructed to repossess the property.

Intruder Alarm Systems

I’ve got pets – can I still have an alarm fitted?
Yes, there are pet friendly detectors which can be fitted on request.

Will the equipment be installed neatly?
Yes, you have a choice between wireless and wired alarms and our engineers pride themselves installing systems in a neat and efficient manner.

Will someone show me how the system works
Yes, a full demonstration of the system will be given on completed install.

Can I set my alarm whilst I’m in bed ?
Yes, there is a part set mode available on all systems.

Why should I have a monitored alarm?
This can depend on your Insurance requirements for the property, but also for peace of mind. Dependant on the type of monitoring used, you could be alerted by a call, have a keyholder or the police go to your property in the event of the alarm being triggered.

What do I do If my alarm goes off for no reason?
Call our emergency service centre and our Operators are on hand to help you either solve on the phone or dispatch an engineer.

How do I know If my alarm is going off when I’m not there?
If you have a bells only system your Neighbours may contact you, however if it is a monitored alarm, dependant on the method you can program a number into the panel so it calls you or the monitoring station will call.


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