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Diamond Mesh Security Grille

Diamond Mesh Security Grille

Does your front door need extra protection? Our diamond mesh security grille is strong and perfect to improve your home or commercial property’s security.

This security grille is very effective in protecting viewing panels in front doors; if the glass is smashed it will prevent a would be attacker from reaching through the broken glass to release the locking mechanism inside the door.

Available in three sizes of diamond mesh. Also available in square weld mesh and stone mesh. Outer frame constructed from 12mm x 12mm square bar and 20mm or 30mm flat bar. Also available with angle section frame on request.

Standard Mesh Sizes

  • Small mesh: 24mm x 8mm diamond
  • Medium Mesh: 76mm x 32mm diamond
  • Large Mesh: 190mm x 60mm diamond

Diamond Mesh Grille


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