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External Stand Off Security Bar Grille

External Stand Off Security Bar Grille

When you need to protect a window and allow it to open for ventilation then Securifix’s external stand-off security bar grille is a great commercial and home security solution.

The External Stand Off security Bar Grille is the ultimate choice in security grilles. Made from the highest grade solid steel, this grille is bolted to an external wall with some of the strongest fixings available. Wrapping a window completely, but allowing enough space for the window to be opened for ventilation, this is one of the most popular choices to act against theft or vandalism.

If you would like more information on our Security Grille range, then contact our team today on 0800 840 5501 and let us talk you through all the options available. Provide us with your measurements and we can give you a price over the phone.

External Stand Off Bar Security Grille


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