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Electronic Keypads

Securifix can supply and professionally install electronic keypads for businesses and offices in London, Surrey, Berkshire and Hampshire.

Control access to rooms and entrances with easy to use electronic keypads.

One of the more simpler security upgrades you can make for your business is to install electronic door releasing keypads, which restrict access via manual key code entry.

Keypads usually use a four-digit combination with the ability to have up to 100 different codes, which is great for any business that wants dedicated codes for employees or suppliers.

They are inexpensive compared to other more sophisticated options, but can work just as well and are very easy to use. They are essential if ordinary key locks are not suitable due to the loosing of keys or frequent staff change overs, etc.

Access Control Keypads

Where Are Electronic Keypads Used?

Electronic keypads are highly versatile and can be used in a wide variety of scenarios and locations. Below are the top five commercial uses for electronic keypads, but there are many other uses beyond these.

  1. Staff Rooms (securing teachers break room, retail staff rooms, shared buildings with designated staff rooms, etc).
  2. Store Rooms (protecting retail stores with high value items, i.e. rooms where laptops, electrical equipment is stored OR signing in and out equipment’s/tools/kits or stock)
  3. Creating Temporary Access (for builders/workman/visitors to buildings or products, without providing a key or cleanser cu, which could be copied)
  4. 24/7 Buildings (such as 24 hour gyms, where their codes change each month as a security measure of late night gym users)
  5. Outbuildings (protecting storage sheds, garages and lockups, with a high level of security)

Types Of Keypad

There are two main types of keypad systems and both use electric lock mechanisms.

1. Stand Alone Keypad (also known as a Single Door Keypad), where a keypad is installed separately to protect a single door.
2. Multi-network Keypad (also known a Multi Door Keypad), where many keypads can work together and be managed via a central security system. These are more intelligent security systems, which can monitor access and much more.

Common Reasons For Choosing A Keypad System

  • It is an extra layer of security that is very affordable.
  • It is perfect as the next “stepping stone” in upgrading your security.
  • Quick to be installed and ease to use.
  • It’s a simple solution for restricting areas from members of public or restricted employees.
  • Often used on internal doors, but can be used externally too.
  • There is no servicing required at all.
  • There is no on-going costs.

Why They Are Better Than Having Standard Keys

When someone leaves the business (or gets made redundant) or a code is passed to someone who shouldn’t know it, then the key code can be changed. That individual will no longer have access. With a standard key lock, you will need to retrieve the physical key.

Should someone loose a key, then the security of the building could be jeopardised. It would cost both time and money to change all locks, purchase new keys and issue these out. An electronic keypad completely resolves this.

Key codes can also be programmed to work at certain times (i.e. between 09:00 and 13:00, for cleaners, postman, deliveries, dog walkers). You can have up to 100 dedicated key codes, so if someone forgets their code, you simply delete it off the system immediately. There’s no waiting for locksmiths, just update and your company or organisation can carry on.

What Happens If The Key Code Gets Lost?

Don’t panic, key codes can be changed quickly and easily. All keypads will be programmed with a “master code” so the customer has full control to delete, add or alter codes as required.

If having to remember key codes is an issue, then we also offer proximity readers. These work in a very similar manor, but access is granted by an electronic card or identity tab. You can read more about those here: Proximity Readers.

Insurance Approved Fitting Service

At Securifix, we’re pleased to offer a fully insurance approved fitting service for all our electronic security systems. Our team are ready to install your security system quickly, efficiently and hassle-free. Leaving you to relax in the knowledge that your premises will be fully secure in no time.

We primarily service London, Surrey, Berkshire and Hampshire and are happy to discuss any security systems requirements you may have. Please contact the Securifix team with any questions about protecting your premises on 0800 840 5501.


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